• <p>Problem 01</p>

    Problem 01

    Without professional technicians, do not know choose what kinds of cable and conductor materials?

  • <p>Problem 02</p>

    Problem 02

    Do not know the cable performance or how to verify the cable quality?

  • <p>Problem 03</p>

    Problem 03

    The first time we enter business, how can i trust you?

  • <p>Problem 04</p>

    Problem 04

    No reliable cable factory can provide a good economic solution for network cable?

  • <p>Problem 04<br></p>

    Problem 04

    The network cable supplier can not cooperate in time or delivery in time?do you provide OEM/ODM SERVICE?

  • <p>​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Equipment​​​​​​​​​​​​​​<br></p>


    We have imported automatic equipment, the world advanced level of extruder series and a full set of testing equipment, including independent test lab

  • <p>Team</p>


    We have our own team to research, design, produce and sell

  • <p>Quality</p>


    We have passed IS0 9001. standard, stable,reliable. We invest heavily to set up our own laboratory to ensure that we can come up with solutions for customers quickly and efficiently.

  • <p>Price</p>


    Our products compare favorably with other traders, direct sales as a factory

  • <p>History</p>


    We are a manufacturer established in 2006 integrate with trade, combined with R&D, production and sales wholly as well

  • <p>Philosophy</p>


    Quality is the first job, client satisfaction is our honor, “ integrity, responsibility, innovation, teamwork” as each GHT people relentless pursuit and target.

    • Free Samples

      You just tell us what lan item you need, if no special requirements don't worry, as a factory, we have a considerable number of high-quality cables as free samples for customers’reference.

    • Free Samples
    • Customized Packing Own Design, Simple And Fast

      Use your own design to print custom package so that create unique packing for your project. 
      Package and Printing can be customized with your own brand and logo that will reinforce and deepen the impression of your company brand.

      1、If customer have the drawing, which includes the dimensions, materials, special requirements, then we can make design sketch FYI.
      2、If customer have no drawing or design, you can let us know your ideas and creations etc, our designer will make a drawing and keep improving in accordance with your requirements.

    • Customized Packing Own Design, Simple And Fast
    • After-Sales

      Network cables have its shelf life, if there are quality problems during shelf life, please contact us, we are always here to service you. We do not do a one-off business, but to seek long-term cooperation, achieve a win-win situation.

    • After-Sales
    • Payment

      We accept payment via Paypal, Western Union, T/T, L/C; 30% prepaid, balance before delivery, other payments methods can be negotiated;

    • Payment
    • Lead time

      Sample order lead time within 7-10 days, FCL order lead time is 25-30 days; We can provide you professional technical support. And our products quality guarantee is 12 months.

    • Lead time

Product Processing Process

Professional Network Cable Manufacturer, With over 15 years of the experience in cable producing, provide OEM/ODM service.

  • 1.Wire drawing and annealing
    1.Wire drawing and annealing
  • 2.Wire twisting
    2.Wire twisting
  • 3.Cabling
  • 4.Semi-finished product
    4.Semi-finished product
  • 5. Jacketing
    5. Jacketing
  • 6.Packing


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