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  • <p>2006</p>


    Guangzhou GHT Wire & Cable Co., Ltd founded in 2006

  • <p>8000㎡<br></p>


    Owning two factories and famous brand “GHT” in China, total floorspace 8000㎡

  • <p>200+</p>


    We have 200+ professional technicians

Production Workshop​​​​​​​

Professional Network Cable Manufacturer, With over 15 years of the experience in cable producing, provide OEM/ODM service.

  • 1.Wire drawing and annealing
    1.Wire drawing and annealing
  • 2.Wire twisting
    2.Wire twisting
  • 3.Cabling
  • 4.Semi-finished product
    4.Semi-finished product
  • 5. Jacketing
    5. Jacketing
  • 6.Packing

Our Certificate

Our company adhering to the “innovation concept, pursuit excellence, rapidly improved, sustainable management” business philosophy

  • UL
  • ETL
  • ISO9001
  • CE-600
  • CE-550

Environmental safety management policy

Guangzhou GHT Wire And Cable Co., Ltd recognizes that environment, safety and health care are at the heart of all business activities. Therefore, in order to fulfill the social responsibility in sustainable development, we should actively respond to the government's environmental safety policy and actively abide by it.

  • Compliance and continuous improvement of relevant regulations
    Compliance and continuous improvement of relevant regulations
    Comply with environmental, safety and health regulations, specify strict internal management standards, and constantly improve standards.
  • Prevention activities through technology development
    Prevention activities through technology development
    Use accumulated experience and technological innovation to prevent environmental impacts and risk factors in advance.
  • Respect the environment and operate transparently
    Respect the environment and operate transparently
    We focus on experiential activities such as product development, design, production, service and scrapping. Also focusing on the environment, safety and health care, we specify specific goals and make them public after regular inspection and evaluation.
  • Consensus-building and voluntary participation
    Consensus-building and voluntary participation
    Actively participate in education and training for all employees, faithfully perform their duties to achieve the goal, and build a company that co-exists with the local community.


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